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Center for Detroit Arts & Culture's Institute for Arts Infused Education believes that the arts are transformative tools for engaging all learners. The Institute improves educational achievement, creates innovative models for teaching and learning, and promotes the systemic integration of the arts into the K-12 core curriculum. This methodology creates learning communities in which students, artists, and teachers are agents of positive change.

The Institute focuses on the following:

  • Curriculum Design–click on our lesson plans button on this website to access hundreds of arts infused lesson plans that also include videos, visuals, etc. These lessons are ready to use in your classrooms!

  • Training–we have extensive teacher and artists training opportunities that include on-site trainings ranging from; day to long-term mentorship, a summer intensive, workshops throughout the year, and for-credit graduate and undergraduate courses.

  • Assessment and Research–the Institute has on-going research projects to determine the efficacy of the arts integration model. Our research is also disseminated to and combined with venues doing this work nationally and internationally.